Friday, March 20, 2009


i've been feeling slightly uninspired when it comes to dyeing new yarn colourways over the past couple of weeks, so i've been messing about with something else, & being quite self-indulgent. here's what i've been doing...

first, find a bunch of different fibres

then, layer them onto the hackle

add some crazy sparkles

and some odd colour combinations, just to see what happens

then, gather up all the layers at one end of the hackle, & feed them through the diz (a small disc with a hole in it, which the fibres are threaded through)

work down the length of the hackle, gently pulling out the fibres & then pushing the diz back up

then, work back up the length of the hackle the same way

here's what's left on the hackle - bits of fluff & fuzz

& here's what comes out of the diz - a bowful of combed blended tops

which goes straight onto the spinning wheel, to be turned into a slubby, textured single

which is then plied with thread (& occasionally, little shiny beads!)

instant inspiration! combining so many colours & textures has been hugely fun, and this little bit of self-indulgence is giving me some great ideas for new dyed yarns as well. i've been making a little stack of brightly coloured skeins of handspun, which will be added to the shop fairly soon (along with a free pattern for a simple handspun cowl).

Sunday, March 08, 2009

simple things

i've been focusing a lot on simple knits lately - probably because everything else going on is quite hectic! & although it can be hugely satisfying to finish a big, complex project, there's something to be said for spending time with the most simple of knits...

brainless socks
"brainless" socks by yarnissima, in wollmeise sockenwolle "saami" (sock club colourway) sit back & let your hands work away, building one tiny stitch after another, stacking up the rows without even thinking about it...

StR plain toe-ups
plain toe-up sock in socks that rock lightweight, colourway "love-in-idleness"

...& as each row builds on top of the next, the colours progress & change as they flow through your fingers, layering on top of each other, drifting from one shade to the next....

handspun socks
plain toe-up sock in sewknitnbeads2 handspun, colourway "lazy daisy"