Monday, February 23, 2009

new things


there's lovely new things appearing out of nowhere! the sun has come out (briefly), and some beautiful little flowers have started popping up here & there. we might even be fooled into thinking spring is here already, but it's still chilly enough to call for cozy knits. luckily, another lovely new thing has appeared as well - katje is finished!


i've actually been wearing it for a little while now but couldn't arrange a "photoshoot" until this weekend - just as the light was failing & the dark clouds were coming over! (the colour is still pretty accurate though). it's a very simple pattern, and the yarn is absolutely lush.

project specs:
pattern: katje from cocoknits, knitted in size xxl
yarn: artesano alpaca aran in "sunset", 8.5 balls
needles: addi 5mm circulars
modifications: only a few! i added the seed stitch border to the hem of the body and the cuffs; i also added buttons (& buttonholes!) and a bit of extra waist shaping, as well as making the body slightly longer. i also used a figure-eight cast on for the top of the hood & a provisional cast on at the underarm to avoid even that tiny bit of seaming. other than that i worked the pattern as written - it's very simple & easy to follow. if i were to knit it again, i'd probably knit a size smaller (this sweater is lovely & cozy & baggy, but not immensly flattering!) and add more shaping, as well as making the sleeves slightly narrower (they're pretty wide in the larger sizes).

& last but not least, there's a whole new colourway collection being added the old maiden aunt shop this week - you can read more about them here!

Friday, February 13, 2009


.... because i love you!!
my business has been going pretty well, especially considering that i only started it a year ago! thanks to the folks on ravelry, and the people who follow my blog, i've been busy creating colours & selling lovely yarn - and have even made enough sales to justify renting proper studio space. so i think it's time for me to give them a little love - and what better time than valentine's day?
all this weekend (starting friday evening & continuing until monday morning), if you put in the discount code LOVE at checkout, you'll get 20% off your entire yarn order - not to mention you'll still get the benefit of my february free postage offer!!!
happy valentine's day - and thank you for the past year of love!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

actual knitting content

i can't believe it's already february. the whole month of january has mysteriously vanished - i have no idea of where i was or what i was doing. i've been working a LOT, dyeing up a storm in the new studio (which has been fantastic - it's sooooo great to have such an amazing space to work in!) and i'm waiting on the delivery of two new electric hobs - serious, catering-quality stuff, so i should be able to dye even more after i get them. alas, this means my days of sitting at home knitting all day are over, so any actual knitting content has been hard to come by.

katje 1katje 2

katje (in artesano alpaca aran, colourway "sunset") just needs sleeves and buttons, and then she'll be done - maybe next week? the sleeves should be the easy part, so i'm hoping to finish up fairly quickly.

brainless socks

and there's some sock knitting going on as well - the "brainless" socks (designed by yarnissima for the wollmeise ravelry group, in wollmeise sockenwolle, sock club colourway "saami") . but that's about all i've had time for lately! i've got a queue of projects a mile long that i want to get started on, but i just don't have the time - guess that's what happens when you start working for a living, eh? and i've got a couple of things coming up in the next few months that will cut down on my knitting time even more....