Sunday, January 18, 2009


where has january gone??? i've been crazy busy with work stuff, which is fantastic (although not so good for blogging!) - lots of you have been taking me up on my january sale challenge to clear out as much of my old stock as possible, and i've been dyeing like mad to create some lovely new things which will go into the shop soon (including some new knitting kits & some combed tops for spinners!). & here's where i've been spending most of my time:

the view from the doorway of most of the studio space

studio 2
the work area - huge big countertops! (with yarn drying in front - should have moved that for the picture!)

studio 3
storage - lots of base yarns, rovings, & other oddments. the doorway leads through to a utility room with an industrial-sized sink & more storage

studio 4
a wall of knitted samples to showcase all the yarns i dye & spin

studio 5
& an extremely comfy armchair, hiding a wee den for the pup

it's such an amazing space & i'm so lucky to have it - it's fantastic to be able to have all my stuff in one space, & to be able to work away to my heart's content and then leave everything out at the end of the day, ready for the next day's work! the pup is still getting used to "going to work" - he's a bit worried about strangers, so he's still in the stage of woofing at everyone who comes through the door (not ideal!). i'm hoping he'll get used to it after a little while.
having the space is also giving me some great ideas - dyeing workshops, spinning tuition, renting out spinning wheel time... and the list goes on! i've only been set up properly for a couple of weeks, though, so it may be a little while before i get everything organised. but in the meantime, the studio is open to the public four days a week, wednesdays to saturdays from 12-4pm - please come visit, you're more than welcome!


Helen said...

Let me know when you're up for some spinning tuition...I really need the help!!! If you want badly overtwisted bulky spindlespun singles though, I'm your girl :-)

knitspot anne said...

oh lilith the new studio is just great! and ysolda's shawl in your yarn is lovely, congratulations!

i still have yarn of yours but you told me a while back i shouldn't use it because you were changing yarn bases . . .let me know if i can go ahead though; i'm always happy to work with you!