Monday, January 19, 2009

too popular?

i'm a little stressed, and it's all ysolda's fault. would you just look at this?


it's "ishbel", an amazing new shawl created by the extremely talented ysolda teague, who's chosen to use one of my handpainted yarns for this design. & since her designs are absolutely gorgeous, & since she's got quite a big fan club....
...not only am i completely sold out of the few skeins of this yarn/colourway that i had in stock, but i've got a big list of "pre-orders" to dye up as well (which i've never had before, it's very exciting!). added to that, my base yarn supplier has just informed me that they're out of stock in this yarn as well, and it'll be another three weeks before i can get my hands on any to start dyeing it up.... eek! i've emailed all the folk on the pre-order list to let them know about the delay, and i'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they won't be too upset about not being able to get their hands on the yarn immediately (it'll probably be the last week of february before the yarn is available to buy from me). to try & make up for it, i'm still honouring my 20%-off january sale price on this particular yarn & colourway, as long as the pre-order is placed with me before the end of january, so maybe that will help soothe any annoyances about the long wait!
it's very odd to be in this position - when i started up this business just over a year ago, i never thought that my yarn would be in demand enough to warrant having a "waiting list". even if it is only this one yarn & one colourway, it's still hugely exciting! but it's also a little weird & scary - the thought that people are queueing up to spend their hard-earned cash on something i've created is absolutely mind-boggling. thank you all so much - i hope you love it, when it finally gets there!!

p.s. just kidding, ysolda - i'm not mad at you, i swear! please knit more lovely things from my yarn... you know i totally love it!!


Flavaknits said...

When you create gorgeous things like handpainted yarn - (knitting) folk soon get addicted.
I'm loving the sock yarn - its my ambition to have almost ALL the colourways at some point! lol
Keep dyeing - we're loving it!


TangledFrog said...

You already know that I think you totally deserve all this stress...I mean SUCCESS!

fey said...

I'm awfully glad Ysolda used your wool, because that is how I found you! Can't wait for more!