Wednesday, December 17, 2008

orange you glad

december in scotland is a month of Ds - dark, damp, drab, dreary & depressing. the days are mostly gray & rainy, and the nights are long long long. it's very easy to simply give in to the dismal conditions, & in no time, you find yourself in the depths of despair.
so it's no wonder that i've been trying to counteract the december doldrums the best way i know how - yarn. & i've been irresistably drawn to the same colour more than once...

hazel knits sock
hazelknits artisan sock yarn in "high ocTANG"

artesano aran
artesano aran alpaca/merino in "sunset"

definitely cheering-up colours!! the sock yarn was simply because i couldn't resist the colourway, and it's already brightening up my december, even though i don't know what i'm making with it yet. & the artesano aran snagged my attention while i was at work the other day, & wouldn't leave me alone until i brought it home with me. it's going to be the katje cardigan from cocoknits, to be knitted over my christmas holidays - something so simple & snuggly, in such a fabulous colourway, is bound to bring this desolate december to an end.

(& just so you know - the new studio, while fabulous in every other way, doesn't have a working sink. no sink = no dyeing, so i won't be opening the studio until the sink situation is resolved. don't drop by for a visit before then, because i won't be there!! if you'd like to arrange a visit to see my yarns in person you're more than welcome, but send me an email to let me know you're coming so i can go & open up for you.)


RooKnits said...

The Hazelknits colours are just amazing. That is one of my faves. They would make great Firewalkers.

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous yarn!