Saturday, December 27, 2008


i haven't posted much yet about my december project for my sweater-a-month challenge. it was a christmas present, and although the RSA had seen me working on it (it's hard to knit something as big as a sweater in secret - it would never be finished in time!) i didn't want to post about it & give away all the details before the big reveal on christmas. and as it turned out, i bound off the last stitch on christmas day, about five minutes before christmas dinner was served - perfect timing! a good wash, a good firm blocking, and an afternoon drying in front of the heater, and it was ready for its closeup...


perfect! it's a basic rib & cable pattern, knitted in the round up to the armholes & then split for back & front. the back neck is slightly higher than the front, and the shoulders are joined with a three-needle-bindoff. the sleeves are knitted in a wide rib, from stitches picked up around the drop-shoulder armholes, narrowing to the wrist - it's all pretty straighforward, and i mostly made it up as i went along. but as simple as it is, there are a couple of little things that i'm quite pleased with...

december neck detail

the back of the neck, where the central cable flows into the ribbed collar...

december side detail

and the cable that runs up the side seam and twists out around the sleeve opening while flowing into the decreases along the bottom centre of the sleeve.
& although it wasn't quite finished in time to be gifted on christmas morning, it's still a pretty good present, i think, and a good end to the year of the sweater.

project specs:
started: 1st december 2008
completed: 25th december 2008
pattern: made up by myself - a drop-shoulder pullover with a basic wide rib & cable pattern
needles: 5.5mm addi circular for the main body & sleeves; 4.5mm addi circular for the ribbing
yarn: rowan harris tweed aran (now called "yorkshire tweed") in colour "claret"; 7.5 balls (750 grams & roughly 1400 yards)


Jeanne said...

That is simply gorgeous! I love the cabling, and it fits so well. What a great sweater!

soCherry said...

Wow! That looks great!! I love the side seam cabling - so pretty :)