Saturday, December 27, 2008


i haven't posted much yet about my december project for my sweater-a-month challenge. it was a christmas present, and although the RSA had seen me working on it (it's hard to knit something as big as a sweater in secret - it would never be finished in time!) i didn't want to post about it & give away all the details before the big reveal on christmas. and as it turned out, i bound off the last stitch on christmas day, about five minutes before christmas dinner was served - perfect timing! a good wash, a good firm blocking, and an afternoon drying in front of the heater, and it was ready for its closeup...


perfect! it's a basic rib & cable pattern, knitted in the round up to the armholes & then split for back & front. the back neck is slightly higher than the front, and the shoulders are joined with a three-needle-bindoff. the sleeves are knitted in a wide rib, from stitches picked up around the drop-shoulder armholes, narrowing to the wrist - it's all pretty straighforward, and i mostly made it up as i went along. but as simple as it is, there are a couple of little things that i'm quite pleased with...

december neck detail

the back of the neck, where the central cable flows into the ribbed collar...

december side detail

and the cable that runs up the side seam and twists out around the sleeve opening while flowing into the decreases along the bottom centre of the sleeve.
& although it wasn't quite finished in time to be gifted on christmas morning, it's still a pretty good present, i think, and a good end to the year of the sweater.

project specs:
started: 1st december 2008
completed: 25th december 2008
pattern: made up by myself - a drop-shoulder pullover with a basic wide rib & cable pattern
needles: 5.5mm addi circular for the main body & sleeves; 4.5mm addi circular for the ribbing
yarn: rowan harris tweed aran (now called "yorkshire tweed") in colour "claret"; 7.5 balls (750 grams & roughly 1400 yards)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

something missing

if you're loved by a knitter, here are some of the things that you may expect to get for christmas, and some of the things that may be missing.

(un)felted slipper
an unfelted felt slipper, missing its mate
(fibertrends felted clog)

grinchy sock
a christmas sock, also missing its mate
(plain toe-up sock in socks that rock "grinchy")

a sweater missing half a sleeve
(the december sweater of my sweater-a-month project, in rowan harris tweed "claret")

luckily, there's nothing missing from the christmas cuddles, and that makes up for it all.

christmas cuddles

happy christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

orange you glad

december in scotland is a month of Ds - dark, damp, drab, dreary & depressing. the days are mostly gray & rainy, and the nights are long long long. it's very easy to simply give in to the dismal conditions, & in no time, you find yourself in the depths of despair.
so it's no wonder that i've been trying to counteract the december doldrums the best way i know how - yarn. & i've been irresistably drawn to the same colour more than once...

hazel knits sock
hazelknits artisan sock yarn in "high ocTANG"

artesano aran
artesano aran alpaca/merino in "sunset"

definitely cheering-up colours!! the sock yarn was simply because i couldn't resist the colourway, and it's already brightening up my december, even though i don't know what i'm making with it yet. & the artesano aran snagged my attention while i was at work the other day, & wouldn't leave me alone until i brought it home with me. it's going to be the katje cardigan from cocoknits, to be knitted over my christmas holidays - something so simple & snuggly, in such a fabulous colourway, is bound to bring this desolate december to an end.

(& just so you know - the new studio, while fabulous in every other way, doesn't have a working sink. no sink = no dyeing, so i won't be opening the studio until the sink situation is resolved. don't drop by for a visit before then, because i won't be there!! if you'd like to arrange a visit to see my yarns in person you're more than welcome, but send me an email to let me know you're coming so i can go & open up for you.)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

grand opening....

it might not be too grand, but it will be open! the studio is finally taking shape, and i'll definitely be open for business soon - in fact, my "grand opening" will be this friday (5th december) at west kilbride's yule night festivities & late night shopping.
my new studio space is huge, with a ton of natural light (even in the dreich & dreary winter weather). & now that the stressful bit of getting ready is almost over, i'm starting to get pretty excited about it all! it's all thanks to the west kilbride craft initiative - a great project which is buying up vacant/derelict shop spaces on west kilbride's main street, and converting them into studios which are then rented out (at a very cheap rate!) to local artists & crafters.
the spaces are primarily working studios, but they're also open to the public - each artist sets their own opening hours, but all of us have to commit to a certain amount of hours per week. once i'm officially open, i'll be open wednesday to saturday from 12-4pm (although i'll most likely be there outwith those hours as well!) - so if you want to drop by please feel free!
& since i'm open to the public, i can now sell my yarn in person as well as online - look, i even have stuff in the window!!

how cool is that???
so if you're not busy this friday night, & you want to come say hi, please do - i'm in studio 99b, right on west kilbride's main street. wish me luck...