Tuesday, November 04, 2008

september, revisited

you may remember that the september sweater was nearly finished on time (but not quite). then it had to go into time-out for a while - i wasn't happy with the way it was fitting, so i decided the only option was to rip out & redo the entire yoke. after working on it for so long, i just couldn't bring myself to do it - but i eventually bit the bullet this weekend, and ripped it out. & after two days of re-knitting, september is finished at last...


... & i absolutely love love LOVE it. it's a little baggy-looking in the picture - the shop dummy wearing it is considerably slimmer than me, so picture it being worn by someone much more - um - curvaceous. it's a great fit on me, & is hugely cozy & comfy & warm.

project specs:
started: 29th august 2008
completed: 30th september 2008; then re-worked 1st-2nd november 2008
yarn: elsebeth lavold classic AL (50% merino/50% alpaca), shade 008 "cognac", 13 balls (1400 yards)
needles: 5mm addi circulars
pattern: the cable pattern is from the "juno" cardigan (rowan magazine #40); the rest of the cardi i made up as i went along. apart from the cable panel, the cardi was knitted seamlessly from the bottom up; the cable panel was then sewn on afterwards. the silver clasps are from nordic fiber arts.


Jeanne said...

Gorgeous - love the color, love the cable!

Flavaknits said...


Helen said...

Oh the colour! Yum! I just bought the Sivia Harding pattern Waves in the Square, which is entirely your fault after seeing yours. I just need to stretch the space-time continnum to enable me to actually have some time to knit it. Grrr.

Love the blog, the archives have kept me from pulling out my hair in lumps at work the last few days!

Helen near West Kilbride (I was the one in K1 a couple of weeks ago who cleared out the Noro shelf *grin*)