Sunday, November 02, 2008


october - the sunrise circle

the october sweater is finished, and it was even sunny enough this weekend to have a little photoshoot!

project specs:
started: 6th october 2008
completed: 31st october 2008
yarn: rowanspun aran colour 971 "heath" - alas, the yarn is sadly discontinued, which is a huge shame as it's a brilliant yarn to work with! it's a lovely wooly tweed, knits up to a nice firm fabric, & the yardage is phenomenal - i bought a 10-skein bag for about £35, and used exactly 5 skeins to knit this sweater (roughly 1100 yards). i also used about 1.5 balls of debbie bliss donegal luxury tweed colour 06 for the contrasting hems (which i forgot to take photos of. oh well!).
needles: 4.5mm addi circular for the jacket, 4mm dpns to knit i-cord toggle loops & toggle fasteners.
pattern: sunrise circle jacket by kate gilbert. for the most part, i knitted this exactly as written for the 41" size; alas, after knitting the back and the left front, i realised that somehow, my row gauge was completely off (yes, i swatched!). after some comparison measurements against my first version of this sweater, i decided to cut off the left arm at the armpit (since the cardi front is knitted in one piece with the sleeve, my only other option was to rip out the entire front/sleeve piece and start again), pick up the live stitches, and knit the left sleeve downwards to correct the length (it was about 6 inches too long!). i then used my corrected left sleeve to work out the right sleeve pattern, and knitted the right front as written. since my row gauge didn't just affect the sleeves, the whole cardi is very slightly off-kilter when compared to my first version - the front pieces overlap more, the body is longer (hip- as opposed to waist-length). but the only noticeable issue is that the raglan is a bit too long.

october - the sunrise circle 2

not that big a deal! i also knitted i-cord loops for the toggles instead of crocheting toggle loops, and knitted i-cords with little bobbles on the ends to fasten the toggles onto the sweater (a trick that i thought was particularly ingenious).

october - the sunrise circle 1

all in all, i'm very pleased with this month's efforts - it's a little looser than my first version (due mainly to my out-of-nowhere gauge issues!), so it's not necesssarily the most dressy or tailored of knits. but it's very sturdy, immensely warm, and will be much appreciated this winter, i'm sure!

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