Saturday, November 22, 2008

a bit of a cheat

i've been feeling a little bit cheated lately - november hasn't been going well at all.
first, my iPod broke (most important for listening to my own music on car journeys to work, instead of radio rubbish). so i bought another one via ebay, which seemed like a really good deal (i know, i know - cue ominous music)...

ceci ne'st pas un pomme.

yeah, that's not an iPod - it's a chinese fake. after many irritating back & forth messages, the seller has reluctantly agreed to take it back, so at least i should get my money back. sigh.
then, i was in a car accident earlier this week - some not-paying-attention eejit ran straight into the back of my car while i was sitting in a queue at a red light minding my own business. the rear end of my lovely wee car is badly damaged, but fixable (although it'll take 3 weeks); my back & neck are also a little damaged, which means all the work i had planned for the rest of the week has gone out the window (plus i had to get my flu & pneumonia jags this week, so my back hurts, my neck hurts, and i can't move either of my arms - fabulous). and to top that all off, the RSA was away for work for a couple of days, so i couldn't even milk my injuries for any sympathy/getting out of doing the washing up. sigh.
& today, my wee cat had to go to the vet - she's been prone to UTIs in the past, but hasn't had any problems for a couple of years at least. alas, since one of the triggers to her getting sick is stress, it seems like november has just been too much for her as well. sigh.
after all that, it seemed only fair that i could cheat a bit on my november sweater. i'm knitting the eyelet front vest (ravelry link) from vogue holiday knits. yes, it is a fully-fledged sweater design. but here's the thing - it's only got cap sleeves, it's knitted on 6mm needles, and it features a wide lace edging (& as every knitter knows, a little lace takes up a lot of space) - so all in all, it's a pretty quick knit compared to some of my sweater-a-month projects.

november edging detail

it may be all i can handle right now.... sigh.


Twelfthknit said...

Wow, that's a pretty crappy month.
Might be worth asking your GP to refer you to an osteopath after that accident, just to 'iron out' any soft tissue problems that could get worse.
Hope you and the cat have a better month in December.

Liz said...

What a catalogue of woe! Hope your back/neck feels better soon and that your November sweater brings you osme solace.

Jeanne said...

What a crappy month - sorry that its been so bad, and hope things start to look up soon! The sweater will be gorgeous - great color!

catriona said...

booooo to fake ipods. that's really bad luck!
here's hoping things pick up soon...

love & mental hugs from over here! :)