Saturday, October 18, 2008

one in every colour

when i organised my closet today, this stack of knits appeared - & there's definitely some repetitiveness to them.

a stack of knits!

a couple of grays, a couple of greens, a couple of blues, and a couple of browns - but only one purple?? something needs remedied here...

october - the back

it's the first finished piece of the october sweater of my sweater-a-month challenge. & in case you didn't notice, i didn't take anyone's advice after all. when it came down to it, the yarn i wanted to use (the purple rowanspun aran) didn't quite match up with any of the sweaters i wanted to knit - so i cast on for something else entirely. remember this?

sunrise circle jacket 1

it's the sunrise circle jacket (ravelry link) - for a while, this pattern was available for free online, but it seems to have disappeared. luckily, i downloaded a copy & saved it, which means i can knit this all over again (this time in purple!).
i know it may seem odd to knit the same sweater twice. but i absolutely love the one i have, & wear it all the time - so much so that although it's only been in action for just over a year, it's already starting to look a little worn. plus, the pattern is simple to knit, yet at the same time complete & utter genius - each sleeve & front is knitted as one piece, with clever increases causing the semi-circular front piece to "grow" seamlessly out of the sleeve. i may just have to make one in every colour...

(p.s. in case you were wondering about the september sweater - i finished it. then, alas, i tried it on - & something wasn't quite right. i took some advice from a couple of knitting friends - & the general consensus was that i need to completely rip back & rework the entire yoke. i'd like to hate them, but they're right. the cardi is currently in time out, & will reemerge when i'm not so annoyed.)

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