Friday, October 03, 2008

i need closure!!!

only 3 days behind schedule, the september sweater is finished!!...

but i can't show it to you yet. why? because, like the summer sweater, i don't have buttons yet. i've ordered some fabulous custom buttons for the summer sweater, and some pewter clasp closures for the september sweater... but they haven't arrived yet!!! (darn that international postage, it's so sloooooooow!). so the sweater backlog will just have to wait until i can get some closure(s). i'm hoping they'll arrived this weekend, so fingers crossed!
& in the meantime, i have a new sweater to start, but i'm stuck. i have a few different ideas, and a few different yarns that i could use...

rowan scottish tweed 33 lovat
rowan tweed in pale green, to knit this or maybe that

rowanspun aran
more rowan tweed, purple this time, to knit that or maybe this

elsebeth lavold silky wool
tweedy dark green silky wool, to knit this

... any suggestions?


Once A Sheep said...

Definitely the Backstage Tweed Jacket, it's beautiful and would look gorgeous in the Pale green Rowan Tweed. Do it, do it, you know you want to!

Saz said...

I would go for the Backstage jacket too but in the purple. Coraline is gorgeous too (I have one...hee hee), maybe you could fit that in as well?

Flavaknits said...

The Coraline is so you (I'm pretending I'm Gok Wan! lol) in the Green Rowan Tweed or the purple Rowan Tweed.
That Rowan Tweed is so divine - I'm into tweedy yarns big time just now!