Wednesday, October 08, 2008

channelling zimmermann

iceland has my money, & won't give it back. ok, so it's not TONS of money, & i'll probably get it back eventually. but i have something in the works over the next few weeks (a BIG something, which will be revealed soon!) which means i'd really like to have my money now!! sigh.
so for today, at least, i'm channelling elizabeth zimmermann...

lowenzahn socks finished
finished toe-up socks with cable detail, knitted in wollmeise sockenwolle "lowenzahn"

more wollemeise sockenwolle, this time in "drachenblut", to cast on for more toe-up socks

october yarn
the yarn for the october sweater

"knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises"
(elizabeth zimmermann)


soCherry said...

Good grief! Got my fingers crossed for you (and my curiousity is awakened at the BIG somthing!)

Liz said...

Totally sympathize (I'm in much the same boat) and totally agree with you on the power of small stitches to charm worry away - at least make it manageable.

Liz x

juliet said...

Love the socks. So black and yet! Fab colourway.

Flavaknits said...

Sorry to hear about the Icesave fiasco - hope they sort it out soon - oohhh, am excited to see October sweater, I think I know which one it is!!!