Wednesday, September 03, 2008

hello, september

i'm not one of these people that mourns the end of the summer. i've never been a fan of hot weather & sunshine (not that it got that sunny over here this summer, but you know what i mean!). & to me, the arrival of fall has one fantastic result - i get to start wearing my wooly sweaters again. and, after all, this is meant to be the year of the sweater!
i'll admit, i got a little off track over the summer. i had one sweater project that went badly wrong & had to be completely ripped out, which was disappointing. and i had one project that took longer to finish than i had anticipated, which delayed everything that came after it. not to mention all the extra work i had to do!
but at last, the summer is over - and i'm back on track! i'm still working on some background sweater knitting (a super-simple jacket in garter stitch), but my official september sweater is officially started...

juno cable progression
aaaah, cabley.

it's the start of the collar for rowan's "juno" (you can see a gorgeous version here). but, in fact, the collar is the only part of the pattern that i'm keeping! the rest of the pattern has been completely thrown out the window, & i'll be making it up as i go, but the general idea is a simple hip-length, a-line stockinette jacket (eerily similar to this one, in fact), which still keeps the big, dramatic cabled collar from the original version. i'm knitting it with elsebeth lavold classic AL, which is a 50/50 blend of merino & alpaca, and is incredibly soft & cushy - every stitch is a pleasure! & since the cable chart is slightly complicated, i can't watch tv while i knit. but i can drink hot chocolate, & i've got this on audiobook at the moment & the story is just getting better & better....
all in all, i'm pretty happy that summer's over.


TangledFrog said...

Your (modified) Juno is going to look amazing in that colour! Can't wait to see more!

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous cable - the sweater will be beautiful!