Sunday, August 31, 2008

my head is spinning

here's where i've been all week, & here's some of what i've been doing & seeing...

there was a room full of spinners, each as obsessed as the next

& a huge marquee full of fibre, to try as much of as we liked

there was an end-of-the-week display of all the gorgeous yarns we produced

& amazing felted pieces from the felter's workshop

i made some yarn, & even knitted a scarf with it!

& then i came home with this huge bag of beautiful fibre, for even more spinning (cat included for scale)


Joan said...

Just got back from Seattle and found a skein of Superwash Gothic in your shop--whee! Happy spinning!

Kathleen said...

What a brilliant way to spend a week. Bet that was a great investment of time for you. x K

soCherry said...

that looks great!! please bring your scarf on tuesday :)