Wednesday, August 13, 2008

last batch

well, somebody up there must like me, because - after days.... no, weeks, of rain! - we finally got another sunny day, just in time for me to dye the last batch of sock yarn for the trunk show. i was so superstitious about jinxing it, though, that i didn't even want to take any pictures or blog about it until the end of the day, when the yarn was brought inside & hung up to finish drying (only slightly damp - it's amazing how much difference a bit of sun can make!).

last batch drying

in the background of the above picture, you can just see the results of all my hard work. here's a better look:

yarn ready to go!

to give you some idea of scale, that's the bottom half of a double futon, fully occupied by bags of yarn, most of which are stacked at least two (& sometimes three) bags high.


& now, i can (mostly) relax. the time that each batch of yarn takes to dry, even in the sun, means that i am literally unable to do any more yarn for this showcase - even if i wanted to (which i kind of do!) i just don't have the time. all i have left to do now is label the last batch or two of yarn, print up a couple of little signs, & put together the handspun hat kits - which means i just have enough time for a little contest!!! it's one simple question, requires no special skills, and the winner will get a surprise skein of yarn from my new stock (you can let me know if you'd rather have sock or laceweight yarn).
here's the question - how many skeins of yarn have i managed to dye up for the trunk show day? the more astute among you may try to count the bags in the picture - most of the bags hold one kilo of yarn, which is usually ten skeins. but although that might get you closer to the answer, it won't help you too much, since not all the bags have ten skeins in them (some have more, some have less). plus, there's the yarn i dyed today which is still drying, and there's another batch that's already dry (& hence not on the drying rack) but which still needs labels (& hence not yet bagged up ready to go). confused yet?? here's a hint - i started with 30 kilos of yarn, and despite my best efforts (damn that rain!) i didn't manage to get through all 30 kilos, although i did dye up a lot of it.
to enter the contest, just leave me a comment telling me how many skeins you think i dyed for the trunk show day - easy as that! i'm looking for a number of skeins (i.e. 173 skeins - which is not the right answer!) - not a number of kilos. i'm not including handspun or hat kits, or anything currently in the shop - just the mill-spun yarn that i dyed specifically for the K1 Yarns day. i don't even have an accurate number myself - i'll need to go through & check the bags & add everything up - so i'll give you some time to think about it! i'll keep the contest running until sunday 17th august - so leave me your guesses, and i'll let you know!


Flavaknits said...

Well DOne You! Wow, what a lot of yarn, I'm guessing 23 kilos worth!
Best of luck for the Trunk Show, have fun and save me some!

RooKnits said...

That is a lot of yarn. I am guessing 225 skeins

Victoria said...

Wow! that all looks lovely. If any leftovers end up in the Glasgow shop I might break my yarn diet. I am going to guess 254 skeins.
Good luck, I hope the day goes really well x

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun! I am guessing 168 skeins.

Mary said...

Hi Lilith,

I'm guessing 218 skeins. They all look fantastic, I'm sorry I won't be able to make it accross to Edinburgh...

Kathleen said...

My guess is 199 mouth-watering skeins. x K

heatherdubh said...

oooh - I'm going for 204 skeins ! They look gorgeous, I wish I could get to Edinburgh this weekend. Hope it goes well :0)

kat said...

524 ;) never know... amazing stuff btw :D

Mags said...

Hey Lilith,

It all looks amazing! Good luck at the show (though you won't need it of course) and i really wish i was still in Scotland so i could go to it!

Oh and my guess is 212 skeins.


Laura said...

Good luck! I say 223.

Kimbers said...

I was going to say 168 but someone beat me to it lol. So...167 is my guess.

Hope the show goes well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colours. My guess is 215.

soCherry said...

Good grief - you have been busy!

I can't wait to go - only 1 day to go!!

I'm going to guess 234 skeins (which is unbelievable if it's anywhere near that - you must have been eating, sleeping and dreaming yarn!!)

Flavaknits said...

Okay, I boobed by saying kilo's - number of skeins is 230!
230 skeins - Wow - have fun Lilith, and keep some aside cos they will be snapped up soon!

juliet said...

It just has to be 256!

spiraling said...

Am I too late? I think 212 skeins.

Your yarn was recommended to me on one of the Scottish Rav groups, I'm coming over in a few weeks and I'm going to be looking out for your yarns.

spiraling said...

Oh, bugger, someone else said 212, so I'll change mine to 192