Friday, August 08, 2008

every damn day

am i the only one who's getting tired of seeing yarn hanging out to dry?

yarn drying 8th august

the trunk show day at K1 Yarns is getting closer (a week tomorrow, to be exact!!) - & it's safe to say that i'm starting to panic. just a little. i've dyed up a whole bunch of yarn, but i still have a whole bunch more that i want to dye. & there's also the handspun - piles upon piles of roving to spin up, some for individual skeins & some for hat kits (& only about half of it has been spun). i've been dyeing & spinning every chance i get, but the weather here hasn't been cooperating. luckily, it was (mostly) sunny today, so once again, i filled the washing lines with dripping yarn.
i've been working so much these last few weeks that - dare i say it? - i'm almost starting to get a bit sick of the sight of yarn. it seems to be all i can think about - how many skeins have i already done? how many more do i want to do? which colours have i already dyed? & what new colour combinations could i try? i'm thinking about yarn while i'm working, while i'm eating dinner, while i should be sleeping. and to try & relax, i'm knitting (even more yarn!). yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn - every damn day.
it could definitely be worse - i've had a fair few bad jobs in my time, and this (even on its most frustrating & exhausting day) is easily the most fun job i've ever had (it's so fun, in fact, that i'm not sure if i should even be calling it a job - but since one of the goals is to make a living, i guess it qualifies as a job after all). but the long days of hard work are draining, & now that the trunk show is getting closer & closer, i'm starting to get that feeling that you get when you're about to throw what should be a really great party, & you start thinking....

"what if no one comes?....."

... gulp.


soCherry said...

I'll be there :)

Flavaknits said...

I so want to come, am hoping I can wangle it!
IF not, I'm hoping there is some left over so I can get it on your website...
Had an idea, would you ever consider doing dyed roving and selling to us (very beginner) spinners ?
If you ever do, I'll be putting in an order.