Tuesday, August 05, 2008

april, at last

waves in the square full shawl 5

project specs: the "april" project for my 2008 sweater-a-month challenge
started: 6th april, 2008; finished 27th july 2008 (see explanation below!)
pattern: "waves in the square" shawl by sivia harding
yarn: "sophia" 2ply cashmere in colourway "rustic", from posh yarn - i used just under 3 skeins, which is roughly 1200 yards
needles: addi lace needles, 3.75mm
finished measurements: 30" neck to bottom hem; 50" across back panel (bigger than the pattern specs stated, which i'm very pleased about, but i didn't make any modifications to the pattern at all)

it's taken a while for it to all come together, but it's definitely been worth the wait. i was making great progress with it throughout april, but hit a bit of a snag with the yarn, when i went to wind up the third skein & found a small dark dye patch in the yarn! i only had about 20 rows to go, but contacted dee at posh yarn (i'm a bit of a perfectionist, it would seem), who offered to redye some yarn for me. alas, that got a little messed up too (problems with their yarn supply), so i ended up with the original third skein back again, still with its small dark patch (although dee was kind enough to throw in a skein of a new laceweight as a freebie, so i'm not at all unhappy about that!). & as it turned out, it would seem that i delayed finishing this shawl for nothing - in fact, the final 20ish rows of the shawl ate up so much of the third skein of yarn that the section with the "dark patches" only occupies about the last 3 inches of the shawl hem, & you can't notice it at all. that'll teach me to be too fussy - i could have been wearing this fabulous shawl for the past three months instead of having it lay about unfinished in my knitting pile!
& although the last few rows seemed interminable (500 plus stitches per row!!), the only thing that annoyed me about this project was that i waited for so long to finish it - because now that i've finished it, i may never, ever, take this shawl off, ever. i love every single little thing about it...

i love its size - it's truly immense & very cozy, but at the same time, incredibly light & airy.

waves in the square full shawl

i love its wearability (is that even a word?) - you can either simply sit it on your shoulders like a cardigan (& it stays put!!)...

waves in the square detail 2

...or drape it over & around you for extra coziness (& it stays put, without any tying/pinning/faffing about!!)

waves in the square full shawl 3

it even has a little "collar" that sits perfectly around your neck, without any shifting about or falling off (did i mention that the shawl stays put?!?).

waves in the square detail 1

i absolutely love it.

waves in the square full shawl 4


RooKnits said...

It is abosolutely beautiful and such a wonderful shape

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, and I like the pictures too - you had gorgeous weather!

Suemoon said...

Oh that's just gorgeous!

Joan said...

What a beautiful accomplishment! P.S. "Lush" has arrived, and it is beautiful too. Many thanks!

Kathleen said...

It's absolutely beautiful. I love the shape and construction of it as well as the pattern. x K

Flavaknits said...

Its gorgeous - nuff said!

Jeanne said...

That is one gorgeous shawl!