Friday, July 11, 2008

sweater holiday

a couple of folks have asked about my sweater-a-month project for july, since i've been uncharacteristically silent on the matter. well, i'm here to tell you something shocking - there is no july sweater. (gasp!)
it may have something to do with this:

undergoing this:

but my sweater mojo has, it would seem, temporarily deserted me - i'm just not feeling the sweater love right now. it may also have something to do with my summer of socks committments, & my desperately slow progress through the pile of sock yarn i had planned to knit up this summer. it may also have something to do with the immense amount of preparation that i'm currently doing for this exciting event. it may, even, have something to do with the fact that my lovely mum is visiting for a couple of weeks. but all in all, when it comes to knitting an entire sweater this month? i just don't have the time.
so i've made the decision not to knit a july sweater - i'm still (again) working on the ill-fated june sweater, as well as the end of april's shawl, so maybe by the end of july i'll have something to show you after all. but officially, i'm on holiday from sweater-knitting for now.

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Kathleen said...

It's funny, but every time I see that sweater and/or yarn, it looks a different colour.
Commiserations on the frogging situation, and I hope you enjoy your mum's visit. x K