Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hint hint

april shawl finished detail
guess who's finally off the needles?

Friday, July 25, 2008

i'm dy(e)ing

over the past few weeks, truly enormous amounts of yarn have been arriving at my little seaside flat, in preparation for something exciting. all in all, 30 kilos of yarn have been delivered - i'm hoping to dye up most, if not all, of them before the trunk show, but it's slow going.
i'm not dyeing yarn full-time - i'm lucky enough to have a lovely part-time job, which keeps me (almost) afloat financially. but since i'm a one-woman show, that means that i have to fit dyeing in around my "real job", not to mention all the other house stuff like dog-walking, cleaning, laundry etc (which, since i work from home, is always immediately in front of me reminding me that it needs to be done!). all these other things take up a fair chunk of time, so i fit dyeing in where & when i can.
& to top it all off, since it's scotland, it rains a lot, which is not ideal for drying freshly-dyed yarn - the dampness in the air can mean that the dyed skeins take nearly three times longer to dry! so when we get a rare sunny day, like today, i go all out:

yarn drying on the terrace

i'd tell you how much yarn is there, but i've lost count. i've expanded my operation (i bought a second dye pot!) & i've been working flat out all day - washing, dyeing, cooking, steaming, cooling & rinsing yarn - & if you thought that dyeing yarn wasn't hard work, think again! fetching & carrying, lugging big pots of water about, lifting soaking wet yarn in & out of tubs, running back & forth to the terrace to hang up armfuls of dripping yarn - my feet hurt, my arms hurt, my back hurts, & i may, in fact, be dying. (ok, so that might be a little over-dramatic).
i think that earns me a day off, so i'm heading away for the weekend - we're cat-sitting for friends who have a swanky house with a nice garden, so i'm planning to spend all day tomorrow sitting in the garden (or the swanky house, depending on the weather!), knitting on my april shawl & listening to audio books (i treated myself to a basic subscription to audible, which i'm very excited about!).
& look - i even did laundry today!

yarn & socks!
wooly socks dry quicker in the sun, too

Monday, July 21, 2008

it's my birthday - buy yarn!!

just a quick post to let you all know about a massive sale at the old maiden aunt yarn shop!

i'm clearing out my old base yarns to make way for piles of yummy new yarns - & not only that, it's my birthday! i'm 32 this year, so if you enter the code OMA32 when you check out, you will get a tremendous 32% off your entire order!! the discount will apply to everything in the shop - i want it all cleared out before i start listing my new yarns, so help me celebrate my birthday by getting rid of everything!!!

there are limited amounts of yarn left, and many yarns only have one skein of each colour - quick, go shopping, before it disappears!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

production line

production line

Friday, July 11, 2008

sweater holiday

a couple of folks have asked about my sweater-a-month project for july, since i've been uncharacteristically silent on the matter. well, i'm here to tell you something shocking - there is no july sweater. (gasp!)
it may have something to do with this:

undergoing this:

but my sweater mojo has, it would seem, temporarily deserted me - i'm just not feeling the sweater love right now. it may also have something to do with my summer of socks committments, & my desperately slow progress through the pile of sock yarn i had planned to knit up this summer. it may also have something to do with the immense amount of preparation that i'm currently doing for this exciting event. it may, even, have something to do with the fact that my lovely mum is visiting for a couple of weeks. but all in all, when it comes to knitting an entire sweater this month? i just don't have the time.
so i've made the decision not to knit a july sweater - i'm still (again) working on the ill-fated june sweater, as well as the end of april's shawl, so maybe by the end of july i'll have something to show you after all. but officially, i'm on holiday from sweater-knitting for now.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


well, the june sweater is not finished. and, it gets even worse - the part that is finished is less than fabulous. over the weekend, i managed to work my way through the rest of the body (since i've got limited yardage, i'm knitting it in one piece, & was planning to knit the body first & then go back & knit the sleeves until i ran out of yarn). i even knitted the button band, to make sure that i wouldn't forget it, knit the sleeves, run out of yarn, & then think "oh no, button band!".
& when i finally cast off the last button band stitch & set down the needles, i pulled on the cardigan (sans sleeves) & ran to the mirror in a considerable state of excitement, where i gazed at my reflection & thought....


meh?!? i'd been trying the cardigan on as i was knitting, to make sure that everything was fitting properly (& it was!), so i wasn't at all prepared for this - but i'm considerably less than thrilled. i don't know what's gone wrong - am i completely unaware of my own body shape, & what flatters me & what doesn't? did i use the wrong pattern for the yarn? did i use the wrong yarn for the pattern? what about this garment is resulting in this "meh" reaction? sigh.
& since i really, really love the yarn (gray tweedy silk from paris - PARIS!!) & since i only have it in limited quantities, with future purchases of the same yarn being unlikely (did i mention it was from paris?), i'm really not happy about continuing on with the project, only to have, at the end of it all, a cardigan knitted in beautiful yarn that makes me go "meh".
so, it would seem that my only option is to declare june a complete & utter failure, rip it out completely (painstakingly picked up button band & all), & start again....