Friday, June 13, 2008

in training

yes, the run is over - but i'm still in training! & here's what i'm doing at the moment:

turtle socks - two at a time!

one sock... two socks...?? yes, that's right - i'm getting my knitting skillz ready for the summer of socks by teaching myself how to knit two socks at the same time. one of the SoS contests is who can knit the most socks over the course of the summer - i'm a fairly speedy sock knitter, so i thought i might be in with a chance. then i found out that last year's winner knitted 42 pairs of socks (boggle).
ok, so last year's SoS ran from 21st june to 21st september, while this year's SoS only runs until 1st september. but still, that's an average of roughly one pair of socks every two days - & i'm just not that fast. & since single socks aren't counted (only completed pairs can be entered!) the only solution i could come up with was to work on knitting both socks at once - at least that way, i'll have finished a complete pair each time i cast off, & i won't have to worry about the dreaded SSS (second sock syndrome)!
i'm pretty sure that i won't be the "most socks" winner, especially as i'm still working on my sweater-a-month challenge over the summer as well (june is progressing nicely, thank you!) - but at least i've learned something new!

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TangledFrog said...

Oh, come on! A sweater a month. 42+ pairs of socks over the summer. You can do it! Tee-hee!