Thursday, June 12, 2008

hello june

although i haven't blogged about it yet, i've been working quietly away on my june project for my sweater-a-month challenge.

june raglan detail

it's not very exciting to look at yet, what with being gray stockinette. but what you can't really see from the picture is how lovely the yarn is. looks-wise, it's extremely.... well, i think "rustic" would be a good word for it. it's gray & tweedy, and looks as though it's just come straight off the back of a sheep onto a spinning wheel, & from there onto my needles. but it's actually 100% silk, & is incredibly soft & drapey. & it's not just silk - it's silk from paris (ooooooh....). & it's been sitting in my stash since i bought it over two years ago.
it was my first ever holiday in paris, my first trip to a super-swanky knitting shop, and i'd only been knitting for a few months (at that stage i was just a knitter, not a Knitter). i was completely overwhelmed by the shop - it was huge, yarn was hanging all over the walls in great big hanks, & although you were allowed to touch anything you wanted (this isn't as odd as it sounds - just ask lynette about her unsuccessful trip to a yarn shop in italy!), you weren't allowed to take things down from the walls - anything you wanted, you had to ask the staff, & they whisked away & brought it back from some secret yarn room somewhere. not only that, but the yarn was sold by weight, with little cards on the wall that told you how many metres were in 50 grams, so you had to figure out how much you would need for whatever you wanted to knit, and make sure you kept notes on whatever you were buying.
i was a little confused by it all, what with the math, the french, the secret yarn room, and the walls & walls of gorgeous colours.... & i ended up coming away with 400 grams of this lovely gray silk, with absolutely no plan for it at all. then, to top it all off, i lost the little note i'd made of how many metres per whatever were in this yarn! so the lovely yarn languished in my stash for ages, while i tried to figure out what on earth i was going to do with it.
after measuring out one skein & doing the math to figure out how much yardage i have in total, it looks as though i have about 1000 yards of this silk, which may or may not be enough for an entire me-sized sweater. & the yarn is so beautiful, i thought something simple would be best - so i've gone for a basic top-down, v-neck, raglan stockinette cardigan, with a slightly drapey shape. i'm working the body first, to make sure i get it as long as i want it, then i'm going to go back & work both sleeves at the same time, & just knit until i run out of yarn - if i end up with three-quarter-length sleeves, that's fine. i'm not really working from any pattern, so we'll see what happens...

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adrienne said...

The yarn sounds fantastic! I'm sure the sweater will be lovely :)