Monday, June 09, 2008

everyday may

the may sweater for my sweater-a-month challenge is done!

may detail 1

project specs:
pattern: everyday tweed by marie grace
yarn: colinette cadenza, 11 skeins, an unknown mill-end colourway purchased last summer at the colinette mill shop in wales
needles: 4mm addi turbos
modifications: wider ribbing at neckline, ribbed cuff & hem instead of picot hem as written

overall, i'm ok with this sweater - but it's a tad large.

hello. i am the sweater that ate the world.

ok, so i had some gauge issues when i swatched - both my stitch & row gauges were a teeny bit big. not a huge deal, i thought - i wanted the sweater to be a loose, comfy fit. but (in the words of blogless mags from my local knitting group) i made a rookie mistake, & didn't wash my swatch. & when i washed the finished sweater - it grew, & it grew, & it grew... until the sleeves were a good four inches too long (can you even see my hands in that picture?), and the body was down to mid-thigh. sigh.
it's still super-comfy, and it will be really nice & snuggly to wear about the house over pjs all next winter. but this may be the only look you get at the sweater, since i probably won't be wearing it in public!!
the pattern is very simple, easy to follow, & nice to knit. i may well make it again, but i'll check my gauge more closely next time - & i will always, always, always wash my swatches!!!

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