Friday, May 02, 2008

a severe shortage of socks

while the year of the sweater has mostly been going well, it's been taking up a lot of my knitting time, which has had an unexpected consequence - a serious lack of sock knitting. when you combine that with the fact that quite a few pairs of my hand-knitted socks are now over two years old, and have begun to succumb to age-related complaints such as bald spots, worn patches, and even, in a couple of cases, HOLES (gasp!), it's clear that unless i do something drastic, i'm going to have a severe shortage of socks. the answer?


the "summer of socks" knitalong, with contests & prizes for the most number of socks knitted between 21st june and 1st september, as well as bi-weekly prize draws and a special prize for the best "take your socks on vacation" photos (to all you non-knitters, taking photos of your socks on vacation is pretty normal for sock knitters - just ask the yarn harlot). & if you're on ravelry, there's a group there for it as well.
so far this year, i've only knitted a couple of pairs of socks, which is well below my usual sock knitting standards (& only one pair was for me, so i'm not making much progress towards refilling my sock drawer!). maybe the summer of socks will be the impetus i need to restock my socks...

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