Wednesday, May 07, 2008

oh my goodness

it's a truly shocking day today!! first, check out all the amazing prizes that are building up for my race for life fundraising prize draw - i can't believe how generous people are being, and how many gorgeous prizes are on offer (including a habu sweater kit, some gorgeous posh yarn, a hand-knitted cashmere/silk shawl, and a skein of the elusive wollmeise sockenwolle). every £5 you donate to my fundraising run gets you one entry to the prize draw - if you've already donated, you might want more chances, and if you haven't donated, go see what you could win for £5, and get all the info on how to donate & win!!

and, even more shockingly - the old maiden aunt yarn shop is actually running!! after battling with the-free-but-hideous-shopping-cart-software-which-shall-not-be-named (ok, is was zencart) for what seemed like forever, i decided to buy a not free, but fabulous shopping cart software instead. & seriously, why didn't i just do that a month ago??? it's so easy - all i need now are some more yarns to put in the shop!! there'a only afew things up for sale at the moment, but everything seems to be working ok (famous last words, as my mum would say, but oh well). phew!!

so, to sum up - go look at gorgeous prizes, donate & win!! then, go look at lovely yarns, and be in awe of my shop-fixing skills (or, be in awe of the fact that this software is so easy that even i can figure it out).


TangledFrog said...

Yea! Love your OMA shop website!

Anonymous said...

HI Lilith, congratulations for your shop,it looks great !!
I'll be back !!


heather said...

In deep awe of your shop fixing skills ! It looks fabulous - I shall add it to my favourite knitting linkys next time I update :0)