Sunday, May 18, 2008

amazed & astounded

seriously, i'm absolutely speechless. & if you want to see why, go look at the running total (no pun intended!) of the donations so far, in the sidebar of my running blog - i can't believe it. most of the donations have been sent by people i don't even know, who have seen postings on ravelry or other people's blogs, and who have responded with incredible generosity. i've been struggling with training lately, and the huge response is definitely spurring me on!
& earlier this week, when i was feeling particularly down, this arrived:

swap goodness!!

a swap parcel full of lovely treats from martha - it initially started out as a small yarn-for-a-tshirt swap (she had the natalie dee tshirt at the bottom right of the picture, & i was going to send her some yarn for it) but quickly evolved into a full-on swap-fest. i wish i'd thought to take pictures before i opened everything up (i was too excited!). this little parcel was like the tardis - more & more things kept coming out, tucked in every nook & cranny of the package, until i had a whole table-full of goodies (clockwise from top left: a sock-knitting pouch handmade by martha, some scented body scrub & scented candles (also handmade - the woman's a genius!), the tshirt that started it all, a big bag of reeses pieces, a skein of mmmmalabrigo merino, a frog-shaped "crafty critter" notions case, and some chocolate!). we'd agreed on a swap value, but both of us definitely went overboard - again, amazing generosity, and it arrived at just the right time to cheer me up.
now, if only i could get the sock problem under control:

sock carnage

that's five - yes, FIVE - pairs of handknit socks that had to go in the bin last week, & here's why:

sock carnage detail

sigh. at least the summer of socks is coming, to get me going with some replacement pairs!


kathleen Y said...

Lilith, dont bin them! Cut the ends off, sew together the patches and make cat blankets or something - too much work to just trash! XXX kathleen

Twelfthknit said...

Hi Lilith

is your email the same as it was before?


Roobeedoo said...

Darn them! Please don't throw them out! They are far too lovely!

heather said...

Get yourself a darning needle girl ! It would be a sin to throw out such beauties :0)

Jeri said...

Does the bin, mean the trash?