Monday, April 07, 2008

hello april

now that the march sweater is finally finished (ok, i'm calling it "finished" even though i still need to sew the ends in - so there), i can, at last, think about april! & i've already decided on my next sweater-a-month project...

waves in the square

ok, so it's not technically a sweater (it is, in actual fact, a shawl). but i'm quite prepared to call it a sweater, & here's why:

  1. it will, like a sweater, cover my arms from shoulder to wrist & my torso from neck to waist (or, possibly, even longer).
  2. it takes 1200 yards of yarn to knit, which is about the same amount as an averge-sized adult sweater takes.
  3. it's a shawl, but it's a square variation of a faroese-style shawl, which means it will wrap completely around me (none of this tiny triangular shawl nonsense!)
  4. i'm knitting it in posh yarn's 100% cashmere laceweight, and i needed to come up with an excuse to use this absolutely heavenly yarn. like, NOW. everyone needs a little cashmere in their life.
  5. after the seemingly endless march sweater, i'm a little bit ...whispers... bored with sweaters at the moment.

if none of these sound like good reasons, how about this one: it's my challenge, and i'll do what i like!!

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Flavaknits said...

That pattern looks gorgeous , but quite a challenge! love the yarn , will look amazing!