Tuesday, March 04, 2008


in the true spirit of my "accidents happen" contest, i accidentally forgot that i was supposed to draw a winner last week!! whoops.
but, better late than never - i was laughing pretty hard at some of the stories, but decided not to play favourites, and pick a winner the old-fashioned way (bits of paper in a hat). and the winner of the lovely hank of socks that rock is...

victoria, with her tale of nearly being bowled over while running by an over-enthusiastic dog (which is, i have to say, one of my big fears with this new running malarkey - i usually take the pup with me, and although he's normally pretty well-behaved, he has his silly moments, and i can just picture myself turning up at casualty with a broken something after having been tripped by my own dog whille running). so, victoria, send me an email at oldmaidenaunt AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk and let me know where to send the yarn!

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