Thursday, March 13, 2008

poor wee souls

do you ever have one of those weeks where every little thing just seems to go wrong? well, it's definitely been like that here. the car had its wing mirror broken off by mindless, vandalising idiots at the start of the week, which cost a fair bit of money (that i don't really have to spare) to fix. the RSA is feeling rundown & ill, and i've suddenly become loaded with the cold (and boy, do i miss breathing through my nose). since i'm asthmatic, any cold that i get heads quite quickly to my chest, so in addition to feeling like my head might explode, i'm also short of breath & wheezy - which will set me back in my training, as i'm not really able to run until my breathing improves (& which is really annoying, as i was doing quite well - i ran for five minutes straight the other day!). and to top it all off, i'm on a pretty strict schedule of working flat-out to fill a couple of big yarn orders, so i can't even huddle up on the couch under a duvet & wait for it to pass.
but even with all of that, it could definitely be worse. since all of us here have been feeling so pathetic at the moment, there's been a bit of a "who feels the worst" competition (which is not to be taken lightly - it's a serious battle of wills, as whoever loses has to then spend what's left of the week looking after the winner!). and as of yesterday, there was a clear frontrunner...

one of our wee cats, who dislocated two toes (ouch) in an altercation with her brother, & who now has a truly gargantuan splint on her wee foot. and from what she's been telling us, she's definitely the most pathetic of us all right now.
so, there's nothing else to do but soldier on with our week - after an embarassingly large helping of cheese on toast (it's "feed a cold", right?) i might even feel ready to tackle some more work. and the cat? she's bravely struggling on with her normal routine as well (naps, followed by dinner, then a long evening of naps) - she's definitely an inspiration to the rest of us poor wee souls.


soCherry said...

Good grief - it's all been happening!

We had our wing mirror kicked off by drunken morons too - we still have a dent/scratch in the door panel - it goes quite well with the 4 dents (one for each door) made by morons hitting our car with their door in the car park and pissing off without saying anything.

Karma will come to these people ...

Hope kitty is better soon :)

Elaine x

TangledFrog said...

Poor you! Poor RSA! Poor kitty! Don't you feel like you deserve a huge lottery win when life dumps on you like this?

Flavaknits said...

Sending virtual winter stews to cheer you up! (I would send hugs , but food is my thing! lol)
Hope you and RSA feel better soon , ditto the cat.