Thursday, March 20, 2008

not looking good

one of the problems with setting ourselves lofty goals is that we sometimes fail to achieve them. & although this may be premature - there are, after all still, eleven days to go - it's not looking good.

march sweater

i'm talking, of course, about my sweater-a-month challenge - march's sweater (above) is still little more than a wide belt, with less than two weeks left in the month. i'm about 10 inches into the body of the sweater (worked seamlessly in the round a la elizabeth zimmermann's wonderful recipes), which is plain stockinette apart from a central "jacob's ladder" cable panel up the front. i'm using rowan felted tweed & 3.75mm needles, which in retrospect was always going to be a challenge to complete on time (with over 200 stitches per round, and eight rounds adding up to only an inch of length, there's a lot of knitting in this one!). & with the rest of the body, two sleeves, and a yoke still to do, i may not be finished on time.
i could blame a few different things for this - my choice of yarn, or needle size, or the fact that i'm knitting it for the RSA (who likes loose sweaters with long bodies and who has arms like an orangutan). i could blame it on the fact that i've been ill for the past week & a half, or the several different yarn orders i've had on the go (working full-time sure sucks up your knitting time, eh?). but i'd rather not start blame-throwing.
at the moment, i'm lucky enough to have a relatively goal-free life. my lovely, lovely part-time job has none of the deadlines, projects, or annoying co-workers i've had in previous jobs (office work, meh). my small business is pretty much arranged by me to fit around all the other things i want to do. & any challenges that i take on are ones that i've set for myself - but when i set myself challenges, they tend to be huge, near-unachievable, and yet i find it inconceivable that i would ever fail. & i'm sure that i'm not the only one who is harder on themselves than on anyone else - "failures" that we can excuse in other people seem that much bigger when we see them in ourselves.
& in part, that's one of the reasons that i set myself the sweater-a-month challenge. i didn't honestly think that i would be able to knit twelve sweaters this year (although who knows how the rest of the months will pan out!). & although i'm still keeping it in mind as a goal (& an achievable goal, at that), a certain amount of "failure" might be good for me - i'm doing my best to not freak out about not finishing things "on time", and am focusing on the beauty of the details...

march sweater detail
(see how the ribbing flows into the cables? love it.)

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TangledFrog said...

Personally, I think there are enough stitches going into that sweater for it to cound as AT LEAST two sweaters worth...