Wednesday, February 06, 2008

like a penguin, but slower

i've decided one big challenge for 2008 just isn't enough, so i've set myself a new goal.
i'll be participating in the race for life on 8th june in glasgow, which is a 5k run to raise money for Cancer Research UK. and despite the fact that i'm not, by any stretch of the imagination, a runner, i'm determined that i'm not just going to participate - i'm going to run the whole 5k.
i'll be doing it in memory of my lovely dad, who died 1st march 2001 from lung cancer. my younger brother & sister are both very talented runners, and my dad was the one who drove them to all their practices & cheered them on at every track meet & big race. he was such a dedicated supporter of the running groups in my hometown that the track association organised a memorial track meet in his honour, which is still held every year. so although he wasn't an athlete himself, it seems fitting for me to remember him by running.
although the run itself is a huge challenge for me (i'm short-ish, round-ish, and more at home on the sofa in pjs than on a track in running shoes), an even bigger challenge is the fundraising. i've set myself a goal of £1000; i think that with your help, i can easily reach & even surpass that goal.
i've set up a new blog to keep track of my progress - i've got until june to train, and i'm following the "couch to 5k" running program (since the title of the program most accurately describes my situation!). but if you go over to the new blog, you won't just see my posts about the agonies of training - you'll also see an ever-growing list of prizes!!
yes, that's right - prizes galore! & how do you win them? by sponsoring my epic run, that's how!! there is (or will be - the sponsorship website isn't working at this exact second, but the link should be active later today) a link in the new blog's sidebar that will take you to my online donation page, where you can sponsor me to whatever amount you choose. then, once you've sponsored me, send me an email to let me know how much you gave - for every £5 you donate, you get one entry into the prize draw. easy as pie - & definitely easier than running 5k!!
so, get on over there & see what's on offer, and sponsor me - i need all the encouragement i can get! tell all your friends, neighbours, workmates, relatives, everyone you know - donate money, win prizes, and be entertained by the progress of a penguin running...


TangledFrog said...

Didn't know that about your Dad. You are awesome! Will be donating and cheering you on!

Marianne said...


Hi! I bought your landspun lat kit to make the strawberry beret in the K1 store yesterday and was told there might be some changes I need to make to the pattern if I work it flat with straight needles. Would that be true? The yarn is lovely and I'm using your pattern to make a hat for my sweetie. I've already done the 7" of stockinette but don't want to proceed until I hear from you if there are changes. :)