Saturday, February 16, 2008

feeling the love

i've got a fair amount of work on at the moment - a couple of wholesale orders here & there, and it's all suddenly piled up. my work strategy, i'll admit, isn't the greatest - i tend to go into panic mode very quickly, and feel the need to rush about madly, trying to cram in as much work as i possibly can, and end up not achieving very much at all apart from stressing myself out.
in addition to the wholesale orders i've been working on, i'm also trying to set up my online shop (which is a bit of a mess at the moment as i can't quite figure out the b&^*"* shopping cart software, but that's a story for another day!). i've been spinning, dyeing, and test knitting some new yarns, and it's been pretty busy here lately, what with everything.
it's always been one of my worries, when i started up this small business of dyeing & spinning, that i would end up doing it so much as "work" that i would stop seeing it as "fun". and sure enough, i got to a point this week where i had been rushing about so much that i just stopped feeling the love.
it was serious - i wasn't enjoying any of the spinning or dyeing, and i hadn't knitted a stitch in two days; so i decided i needed to take a little break. not from spinning, or knitting, but from the work side of it, at least. i dug through my fibre stash and found something that had been ignored for ages in favour of work fibres, and did the same with my knitting works-in-progress, and spent all of yesterday & today with them. and the result?

brown-eyed girl
a bobbin full of spun singles which will become sock yarn, spun from crown mountain farms "sock hop" roving in colourway "brown-eyed girl", which has been in the fibre stash since last april

pink monkey sock
one pink monkey sock in koigu kpppm and the start of the second, which was, until recently, one leg of one sock and one skein of yarn, forgotten since last october

now, i'm feeling the love. a little break with some fun stuff instead of work stuff was definitely what i needed to re-energize myself! i've still got a long list of work things to do, but i think they can probably wait until monday - & i'll try not to do too much rushing about.


kat said...

woohoo gal u can do it! love projects thanks for sharing the pictures :)

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Lovely stuff.