Wednesday, January 16, 2008

winding down

look what came today!!

hello. we are ten thousand yards of sock yarn.

yes, it's my first ever wholesale order of yarn for dyeing - very exciting. exciting, that is, until i realised that buying sock yarn wholesale, on cones, means spending the rest of the day winding it up into smaller skeins - and since i can't yet afford a fancy-schmancy thingy like this, that means hand-cranking through 2.5 kilos of sock yarn (that's 10,000 yards!!).
you can see in the above picture my extremely high-tech winding system - a hand-cranked wooden swift, clamped to my living room coffee table, in front of the tv. the tv is in fact the key to the system - there's only so many times you can count to 200 before you start to eat your own hair in frustration, so a good dose of bad daytime talk shows or a brainless movie definitely helps the process. but, with a few hours and a couple of cups of coffee, it's amazing what you can achieve...

hello. we are twenty skeins of sock yarn, ready to hit the dyepot.

ready to dye!! in addition to the twenty skeins of merino sock yarn that have just been wound up, there's also a cone of laceweight (still to be wound up - i decided not to tackle that just yet, as each skein has 1600 yards in it and my arm just couldn't cope with that many revolutions!). and even more exciting - there's some brand-new, super-luxurious yarn i'm trying out - a silk/cashmere blend in lace and sock weights, and a superwash merino sock yarn that's blended with bamboo and silk - yum!!
tomorrow, i'll be hitting the dye pots - but for now, i'm winding down, after a long day of winding things up!


TangledFrog said...

Wow! Job well done. Look at all of that delicious yarn to play with! Please bring some finished product along next week to show off!

Kathleen said...

OMG, so many miles of yarn! Lovin the sound of the new blend you're trying out. Never knew there was such a thing as the electric skein winder, looks cool. x K

Flavaknits said...

Is there such a thing a "wool winders arm" , bit like Housemaids knee ?? loal
Happy Winding.