Wednesday, January 09, 2008

some weather

the view from the window - gray, gray, & more gray

well, we got some weather last night. there was a weather alert issued yesterday evening for gale force winds, and boy, were they right. what seemed like half the tiles on our roof came loose, and banged & clattered their way through the night, right above our bedroom. not exactly conducive to a good night's sleep, and i eventually passed out about 6am from sheer exhaustion. luckily, i don't need to be anywhere today (unlike the poor RSA, who had to take a two hour bus trip to work instead of the normal 45 minute train ride, as the trains aren't running because of the weather). so after a trudge round the park with the pup this morning, through driving rain/hail/sleet and wind so strong it blew us both sideways, here's how the rest of my day looks:
wearing cozy pajamas, and the snuggliest knitted socks i own;

secret agent socks
toe-up socks knitted from my own handspun, spun from crown mountain farms "sock hop" roving, colourway "secret agent man"

curling up on my big armchair wrapped in a blanket, drinking coffee & eating cakes;

chocolate eclair provided by blogless lisa, a member of my local knit group, who works at a bakery & brings free end-of-the-day cakes to our meetups!!

watching bad daytime tv or listening to audiobooks while knitting away at something comforting & relatively mindless;

january swing
the "january" sweater, a swing coat in rowan yorkshire tweed chunky

and perhaps, if i'm feeling ambitious, copying the other residents of the household, and cuddling up for a nap.

kitten & pup hugs


TangledFrog said...

Your morning walk sounds a lot like ours! Ours consisted of DH "sabilizing" the dog, so he could lift his leg without being blown over by the wind! (Yes, we're suckers...)

Flavaknits said...

The joys of living by the sea-side (okay in my case riverside!)
It looks like you had the right idea for the rest of the day. I had two wee boys in bed the whole night , and slept not a wink!