Monday, December 31, 2007

a farewell to fankle

sad, sad news... fankle has closed down!! kathleen (the owner) has decided that she needs to make her new little baby a priority, and that the stress of running a business on top of her family committments was just getting to be too much. understandable, but still sad!
i have absolutely loved working at fankle these past nine months - as the job was initially to cover kathleen's maternity leave, i knew it wouldn't last forever, but i was determined to enjoy it for as long as it did. & it's safe to say that it was the best job i've ever had; despite occasional irritating customers, my worst day at fankle was still ten times better than my best day in any other job i've worked at.
fankle was a small wee room of a shop, tucked away up a little close off the main street in troon, packed full of every kind of luscious yarn you could imagine - a quiet, friendly little haven in an otherwise stressful & busy world.
as they say, though, every cloud has a silver lining - although in this case, the cloud is lined with yarn. in fankle's last week of trading (just before christmas), every single thing in the shop was being sold for 40% off - needless to say, i stocked up! at the time, i felt that i was being fairly restrained, but i still somehow managed to come away with enough felted tweed ("treacle", "ginger", and "whisper") for three sweaters, and enough harris tweed aran ("thatch" & "claret") for two more!! whoops...
so, goodbye, lovely fankle - i will definitely miss you!! but never fear - you will live on in my heart (and in my stash, by the looks of things) for years to come...

(& don't worry - i'm not out of work permanently! the knitting goddesses must like me - i start at K1 Yarns in mid-January!!)


Midsummer night's knitter said...

I think you showed marvelous restraint!

Good luck with the new job,

Margaret in Calgary said...

Hello, Tigilith! I found your site from K1, which I found in Glasgow when I was there last May. K1 is a lovely shop; I didn't know there was one in Troon at the time, or I might have made an attempt to visit!

I am a mad-fool knitting Canadian with Scots roots (father was a Rennie, descended from Kilsyth farmers who emmigrated to Canada in 1820s)...and was delighted to find K1, having been told that knitting isn't 'big' in the UK anymore.

Despite losing your LYS and your job, best wishes for a Happy New Year at K1. I'm sure you'll love it there! Give the owner a 'hello' from me too, please!

Kathleen said...

Sounds as if you did well, they sound like great purchases.
Happ New Year, and I hope you enjoy your new job just as much x K

Anonymous said...

Is this the yarnstore that Kerrie from HipKnits has bought up the stock from? What a shame you've had to close...I'm nowhere near, I so wish I lived beside a good yarn store...or that I was brave enough or finacially positioned to start one....good luck in your new venture!

Jools said...


I only got to visit the once (I was in there in November, back home from the US, and bought some of your handspun).

It was a lovely room. It made me happy to know it was there, and sad to think it's gone.

Best of luck.