Monday, November 12, 2007

soft as a kitten

it's been a trying few days over here, what with one thing & another. i won't go into it at the moment, but things have been pretty exhausting, & i've been relying heavily on the small pleasures in life to get me through the day.
unfortunately for my WIP basket, this has meant starting yet another knitting project!! it's turned cold here, literally overnight, and it occurred to me that i don't actually have a winter hat (my old noro hat was chewed by the pup the winter before last, and i still haven't replaced it!). so i cast on for this:

gretel hat

it's the gretel hat, designed by ysolda, in malabrigo merino worsted, colourway "velvet grapes". i've never knitted with malabrigo before but it has a lot of fans & i've seen a lot of online hype about it. & now, i understand why - it's probably one of the nicest yarns i've used, & is as soft as a kitten!
there's only one other thing in the house at the moment that is as soft as the malabrigo...

(right, a skein of malabrigo; left, an actual kitten)

yes, the kitten has arrived! she's 10 weeks old & her name is nyx. she's been here since the end of last week, and she's going to be a handful - she's pretty clever, and very brave! she's still getting used to the whole knitting thing'but is learning fairly quickly that yarn & needles are not toys, even if they're waving about enticingly. she's getting on fairly well with the rest of the menagerie, & has decided that her favourite place to sit is up on the back of my armchair, with her bum on the chair back & her front paws on my shoulder (which is pretty cute at the moment as she weighs next to nothing, but may become less cute once she gets bigger!).
luckily i have these small things to entertain me while i wait for everything else to get less stressful - it really is the little things that make life worthwhile.


soCherry said...

Aww - so cute!! Hope you're having fun with her and she's helping with stresses :)
They're so playful at that age aren't they? Everything's a game.

See you tomorrow
Elaine x

Alarid said...

That is a beautiful yarn! It will make a nice hat!

And such an adorable kitty! I love kittens.

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Popping by to say hello - haven't seen you in ages. Gorgeous kitty and yarn!

heather said...

Aw sweet - she's gorgeous. Ours is being driven nuts at the moment by having one of those plastic buckets on her head to stop her biting her stitches but at least it's amusing us as she keeps bumping into things !

Malabrigo is a lovely yarn to work with . Definitely one of my favourites.

Heather x

Midsummer night's knitter said...

I've just cast on for Gretel. I luckily had loads of yarn after I knit Number Guy his Christmas hat (yep, much to his horror, NG is finally getting a knitted gitft!)so I just HAD to knit Gretel for me. It won't be as yummy as yours - I.m using the Stonehenge Corriedale that I spun up- but hopefully it'll still look good.