Friday, October 05, 2007

taking stock

i'm beginning to feel a little... overwhelmed. it's not an unusual state of affairs for me; having aspergers pretty much guarantees that i'm nearly 100% stressed, nearly 100% of the time. most of these stresses are from outside influences, and are just something i have to live with. but the current stressor is definitely self-inflicted...

works in progress - 5 oct 07

my ever-growing pile of works in progress. clockwise from top left, they consist of the shetland triangle in some mystery spanish yarn, a cabled raglan sweater in rowan scottish tweed chunky for the RSA, a plain drapey sweater in colinette cadenza with contrast hems for me, a pair of plain stockinette toe-up socks in wollmeise "zenzi", also for the RSA, and the uptown boot socks in colinette jitterbug, also for me. also currently in progress, but not pictured as it's living at work to be knitted there, is the tangled yoke cardigan in rowan felted tweed. & in case you weren't counting, that's a grand total of one shawl, two pairs of socks, and three sweaters.
part of the problem is that i'm making a couple of the projects up as i go along (the chunky sweater & the cadenza sweater), and have reached a point where i need to sit down with a measuring tape & a calculator & work out what i'm going to do next. & part of the problem (a big part) is simply that i'm far too impatient.
why would i want to do math & measuring (yeuch) when i could be knitting? why would i want to keep knitting away at this same old project when i could cast on something new & fabulous? & why, oh why, would i want to wait to try the just-arrived, oh-so-beautiful, wollmeise yarn when i could cast on with it immediately??
well, it's all getting a bit out of hand. time to buckle down & finish something.
or maybe, i could just cast on for these...

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Flavaknits said...

My thoughts exactly! I have forbidden myself from buying anymore yarn until my several projects are almost finished - the socks, pinwheel, parisienne sweater, two vest tops, baby jacket... sorry, I'm passing on my stresses now. Just to let you know you are not alone!