Tuesday, October 23, 2007

sweet nectar of the gods

aaaahhh... coffee. this was my first cup since friday morning, what with being ill & all, and i enjoyed every second of it. i'm not a huge caffeine addict, but i do insist on starting the day with one good cup of coffee. the RSA makes it in a little stove-top espresso pot before work, drinks half, and leaves half for me to heat up when i get up later. & i'm pretty sure that without my first cup of coffee in three days, i wouldn't have been able to organise all of this:

a huge pile of lovely new handspun hat kits, some individual skeins of handspun, and some newly dyed lace & sock yarn, all to be added to the shop soon! my caffeine for the day is starting to wear off now though, so they probably won't be up till thursday, if you can hang on till then.

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