Monday, October 15, 2007

mondays are for spinning

handspun in progress

so are tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, and every other day of this week & last! they're also for plying, and dyeing, and skeining, and reskeining...
sorry i've been so absent from the blog lately - it's been hectic. most of my last batch of handpainted yarn sold out quickly, so i've been dyeing up some new colours which will be going up for sale soon. & i've also been spinning up a storm lately! it suddenly occurred to me that it's now autumn, and the winds are getting chillier & chillier, which makes it perfect weather for handspun hats. but i've only got a couple left for sale, and i'm not 100% happy with the ones i've got left. so i've been busy working away at a new kit - i'm halfway through all the spinning, and will be knitting up another prototype hat to test a new pattern. which not only means that there will be lots of new hat kits up on the old maiden aunt site soon, but that all the old ones will be going on sale to make room for the new ones... keep your eyes peeled!

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yvette said...

Your spun yarn looks fab, perfect for winter.