Tuesday, October 02, 2007


just popping in quickly to share this, as it has stirred my wrath!!!
one of my very favourite blogs (where i lurk regularly, but never comment) is yarnstorm. if you've never been there, take a minute to visit her (i'll wait here till you come back). her writing is fantastic, and her photographs of her various creations (knitting projects, crafty things, and oh, my lord, the baking) are stunning. i wish with all my heart that she would pop round one day & bake me a cake!!
her work is so beautiful, in fact, & she has so many fans, that she has now published a book about craftiness - which, apparently, is proving to be very controversial, and provoked this article here in the telegraph.
it's been a bit of a thing with me lately - i'm so sick of women putting other women down. we seem to have forgotten about feminism; or, we have forgotten how to hold each other up instead of trying to push one another down. i do it as well - i catch myself making catty comments about someone's outfit, or thinking bitchy thoughts about someone i don't even know. so i'm trying hard not to be mean, in the hopes that maybe, eventually, other people will start doing it too.
so, if you're a reader of yarnstorm (or if you're not, but you went & took a look & liked what you saw) take a few seconds & leave her a nice comment. given the hideous article that was just written about her, she'll probably appreciate it. & maybe, if you're lucky, she'll bake you a cake... & you'd share it with me if she did, right?


roro said...

Wow - what an harsh article. Thanks for the link (to the review and to the fabulous blog)! I can see how a Jane fan would feel disappointed reading that piece, but I'm sure you (and she) felt better after reading all the comments after the article. Now I want a bread machine. And some cupcakes.

quaffy said...

Thanks for the article link -- it stirred my wrath too.

Why should be make something when we can just buy it...? It's incredibly sad that someone would feel that way.

Laura said...

I have been trying lately to stop being so negative to perfect strangers. I stop myself and say, "Give them the benefit of the doubt!" It really helps MY mood and that can't help but be contagious. :)

Flavaknits said...

Jings - I have to stop myself yawning at yet ANOTHER female deriding another female for crafting/writing/working/not working.
The thing that kills me is the men that print this trash!
I laugh at people who say, why make when you can buy, as I grew up with the opposite philosophy, and my mum/gran felt sad for those who had to buy - aye, she cannae knit puir soul!