Tuesday, September 18, 2007

to re- or not to re-

re-skein, that is. i'm talking about re-skeining yarn after it's been dyed, to "juggle up" the colours. i know a lot of dyers don't do it - even a lot of big name dyers - and when you buy a skein, you get it as the dye was applied - that is to say, with distinct sections of the different colours.
personally, i'd rather see a skein that has been rewound - i think it gives a better idea of how the yarn will knit up, as you get to see smaller sections of each colour blended together throughout the skein. plus, it looks prettier. want an example?
here's one of the new old maiden aunt laceweight colours, before re-skeining:

hello. i am blotchy.

and after re-skeining?

neptune's daughter

see what i mean?
the only problem with this is that it means re-skeining all the yarn i dye, by hand. with the sock yarns, that's not too ardous a task. but the laceweight? oy. 1600 yards of fine merino laceweight, wound round a niddy-noddy by hand, takes quite some time. which is why it's taken me so long to update the shop site. i wound the last skein up today, so all the new yarns are up - have a look & see what you think!!


Arianne said...

I like mine to be un-re-skeined because it gives me a better idea of what colours are in the skein and where they occur...I find it helps give a better impression of how the knitted object might look (in terms of colour...not patterning)

Anni said...

I've got the same dilemma. I prefer reskeined skeins but it's such a time consuming job and SO BORING!!!. I don't reskein laceweight unless I have to becaue they're messy. I do reskein my merino sock yarn as for some reason they tend to end up very messy so have to be reskeined anyway. I dyed some BFL sock yarn for the first time last week and they came out so neat looking tht I just didn't bother reskeining them. Your yarns are gorgeous btw.