Monday, September 03, 2007


there were a few things i was going to do this afternoon, all of which involved leaving the house. alas, my plans were foiled... the fact that when i went to go out & do said things, i discovered i was locked inside my house.
yes, that's right - somehow, i've locked myself in.
i'm not entirely sure how this happened. the locks were fine when i went out this morning with the dog, and fine when i came back. then i locked the door behind me, did a few things in the house, and when i went to unlock the door to leave, it just wouldn't (unlock, that is). & despite my well-known hermit-like tendencies, i can assure you, i haven't done this on purpose!!
luckily, the RSA has been able to arrange to leave work early, & should be home fairly soon - hopefully she'll be able to work the lock, or failing that, call a locksmith!
& in the meantime...

the newly purchased colinette cadenza (from my bargain-filled trip to their mill shop) & one single, beautiful skein of handmaiden silk/cashmere that has been hibernating in my stash for ages. the handmaiden is so lovely i've been afraid to use it, plus i only have one ball of it & it's been hard to find a project for it. but i think i may have figured out how to use it - contrasting hems (neckline, sleeves, and body) for the cadenza sweater i'm planning.
so since i can't go out, how about a dvd, some coffee, some biscuits, & a few swatches?


Anonymous said...

I think I would freak out if I were locked in!

soCherry said...

Hi from Tokyo :)

Hope you are freed soon!
Grumperina did some project with 1 skein but I can't remember offhand what it was - looked really good though.

Elaine x