Monday, September 24, 2007

out of the doldrums

well, my last post was a little bit whingy, wasn't it? it just seems to have been that sort of week, & it carried on into the weekend as well. but i'm determined to do better this week.
and, perfectly timed to help me cheer up, this arrived in the post from germany...

what could it be??

ooooh.... lovely, lovely wollmeise sock yarn (left to right, in colours drachenblut, dani, zenzi, lowenzahn, and poison no. 5). i've heard great things about this yarn, and as soon as i unwrapped it i could see why. it's soft, strong, & squooshy with a nice tight twist, and the colours are amazing!! definitely as good as (& possibly better than) some of the other high-end sock yarns kicking about, and waaaay better priced. plus claudia (the wollmeistress) is very helpful & friendly.
i haven't wound any up yet to cast on for anything - i'm a bit overwhelmed by the state of my WIP basket (which, at the moment, consists of a shawl, two pairs of socks, and three sweaters!) so i need to clear at least one of those projects before i start anything new, but the RSA has already requested that a pair of "zenzi" socks be the next in the queue.
& in the spirit of having a cheerful & energetic week, i've managed to get two new skeins of handspun up on the old maiden aunt site...

bad pennylavender blue

"bad penny" (left; 70% bluefaced leicester & 30% silk, 100 grams & 330 yards) and "lavender blue" (right; 70% merino & 30% silk, 85 grams & 225 yards). "bad penny" was especially difficult to photograph - it's a changeable colourway, depending on the light, with shades of purple, pale blue, and coppery lights. "lavender blue" is a bit simpler - pale blues, silvery silk, and deep purples. there's still 200 grams of this colourway waiting to be spun, so if you're looking for more yardage for a bigger project, drop me an email & reserve it now!!


Anna said...

Glad to hear you're out of the doldrums. That sock yarn looks sumptuous!

Anni said...

I love those sock yarns. Gorgeous colours.

soCherry said...

Where do you find these websites?! I'm positively drooling and they're closed until October - which I know is only a couple of days away but may as well be a million days away - I need a fix now!

Totally caved and ordered 8 colours of the Ashford dyes from twistfibre too... am powerless against my addictions!