Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my days are numbered

number of loads of laundry i managed to wash & hang out before work this morning: 2
number of mental back-pats i gave myself for being so "organised": 1
number of minutes i ended up running behind, directly related to that second load of laundry: 20
number of miles per hour i averaged above the speed limit in an attempt to make up the time: 10
number of minutes i was late for work: 5
number of customers whose requests involved searching through eleventy-billion patterns & pulling twenty-seven types of yarn off the shelf: 14
number of above customers who then left the shop without buying anything at all: 14
number of sweet wee ladies looking for knitting to keep them occupied while their husbands were in the hospital, & who were so lovely that they made the entire day completely worthwhile: 1
number of stitches i knitted on my newly cast on tangled yoke cardigan: 2500
number of inches of sweater that translates to: 1
number of times i wished i was knitting something other than garter rib on 3.75mm needles: 8
number of times i had to hunt down my ball of yarn, which had, unnoticed, trundled off to some hidden corner of the shop while i was knitting with it: 7
number of times i wished i had taken the time to wind the yarn into a centre-pull ball, instead of starting to knit it straight from the ball as sold: 7
number of minutes wasted on yarn-hunting: 25
number of minutes it would have taken to wind a centre-pull ball: 3
number of expletives that this day has involved: 342
number of these that i have actually uttered out loud: 9
number that have been uttered within hearing distance of another person: 0
number of cups of coffee drunk in an attempt to fortify myself: 3
number of hours of sleep i can expect to get tonight, as a result of over-caffeination: 3
number of strong alcoholic drinks drunk in an attempt to fortify myself: 0
number of strong alcoholic drinks wished for: 4
number of completely random & bizarre questions i have been asked today: 1 *
number of times that i thought, "i should have just stayed in bed this morning": 27

* american tourist: "wow, how come you speak english so good??"
me: "um... i'm canadian".

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