Monday, September 10, 2007

a good day to dye

it was a perfect, sunny, brisk fall day today. autumn is definitely here - leaves fell overnight & the air suddenly became crisp & cool. it's my favourite season - jeans & sweater weather, not too hot, not too cold, and sometimes, like today, it's even sunny.
with the sun & the cool breeze, it was perfect drying weather; which means, perfect dyeing weather! & with the arrival this morning of a new little shipment of sock & laceweight yarn, it was perfectly timed.

new yarns!

a productive afternoon - three skeins of lush, soft, merino laceweight, and four skeins of smooshy superwash merino sock.

merino/silk roving

and, a pot full of roving - 300 grams of merino/silk blend, to be spun up later this week! after all that hard work, i deserve a reward... a glass of wine sounds good right about now.
check the shop site for an update in a few days!!

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Anni said...

Wow, gorgeous colours.