Friday, August 31, 2007

new knits, old knits

i'm back - did you miss me??
for most of my absence, i was sequestered at home, knitting away, trying to finish some things up. i did make it out of the house for long enough to visit the RSA's family in england, with a side trip to the colinette mill shop in wales & some great stash enhancement.
the bee shawl is finished, & it's beautiful. the mini maiden is such a gorgeous yarn, and the pattern is fabulous. i'll try to take some proper pictures of it soon, i promise!
the "boyfriend" socks are also done:

boyfriend socks

i knitted these on 3mm needles from my own handspun - a gorgeous superwash merino from crown mountain farms in colourway "my boyfriend's back". it turned out a little thicker than sock weight, so these will be super-snuggly winter slipper socks for the RSA. i just used my standard toe-up pattern, & modified slightly for the thicker yarn & bigger needles.
the sunrise circle jacket is so close to completion - although i've run into a little problem! i knew that my row gauge was off, so i should have predicted this, but i didn't - the side seams of the sweater (from underarm down to the bottom of the sweater) are a good couple of inches longer on the front pieces than on the back!! and, i'm running out of yarn... whoops. so although i'm only about 5 rows away from finishing the last piece of the sweater, i'll need to unpick the bottom hem of the back piece and knit downwards for a couple more inches (or until the yarn runs out!). all that aside, it should still be finished next week.
& now that there are so many finished & nearly-finished projects, new knits are starting to appear! there's a thick, cabled winter sweater for the RSA in rowan scottish tweed chunky - i'm basing it loosely on elizabeth zimmerman's raglan sweater formula, and adding a simple cable twist on the front. it's knitting up quickly - i'm not used to chunky yarn & 8mm needles, so i was amazed that my few days of holiday knitting have resulted in nearly a whole sweater torso!

cable raglan detail

there's also a new shawl in the works (the shetland triangle from "wrap style" - i'm finally using the gorgeous, flame-red wool/silk blend yarn that elaine brought me back from barcelona ages ago), and a new pair of socks - the uptown boot socks from interweave knits "favorite socks" book in colinette jitterbug (a bargain purchase from my recent trip to the colinette mill shop in wales & their £4 per 100g sale room).

uptown boot socks 1

the pattern is great - just challenging enough to be interesting, but simple enough to be tv knitting. & as soon as the sunrise circle jacket is fixed & finished, there's another sweater in the works for me, from another colinette bargain purchase - a pile of soft & squooshy cadenza (dk merino) in a deep, saturated blue, for another simple cabled-raglan-in-the-round...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fab time - I want to hear ALL ABOUT the Colinette shop.....

Kathleen x

Flavaknits said...

Now I know why you gave away yarn recently - to make way for the new stuff! lol I would love to go to the Colinette shop - sounds wonderful