Thursday, July 26, 2007

piles of presents

hurray for birthdays!! i love it when people give me presents...
- loads of hello kitty gifts:

a tray from my mum for afternoon snacks, all the way from korea, as well as some little kitty charms to hang from my various bags (although i forgot to take a picture of them!). and, a teeny tiny bento box from my friend in tokyo - it has two little compartments, a lid that clips on, and even matching chopsticks in a little chopstick box, as well as a cloth bag that everything goes in (again, i didn't take a picture of that bit!). i've been using the bento to take my lunches to work & i love it (although i'm reliably informed that little kids in tokyo use these for their lunches - is it perhaps a bit immature for a now-31-year-old?).
- my very own stash weasel from the RSA, as seen on the yarn harlot's blog:

stash weasel

this was a complete surprise as although i did mention the stash weasels to the RSA months ago, i had completely forgotten about them!! the stash weasel is the guardian of the yarn stash, & is happiest when surrounded by luxury yarn, so he's currently getting acclimatised to his new surroundings (& recovering from his international travels) by snuggling up in the knitting bag that holds the bee shawl.
- a posh yarns gift certificate, and the pattern for rogue from elaine (a not-so-subtle hint that she wants me to do a rogue mini-knitalong with her!). and an amazon gift certificate from india, which i used to buy the new harry potter (sadly, she hates harry potter with the fire of a thousand suns - sorry india!!).
- and last, but definitely not least:

cherry tree hill merino laceweight

a HUGE hank of cherry tree hill merino laceweight in colourway "blueberry hill" from (blogless) lynette - 8 ounces & 2400 yards of gorgeous lace yarn. i'm thinking i might use it to make the "three cornered shawl in clover pattern" from victorian lace today - there's a good picture of the shawl here. i'm pondering reworking the pattern & knitting it as a square shawl instead of the trianglular version, since i have such huge amounts of yardage!
but first, i have some things to finish up - this afternoon will be spent with the bee shawl (& you can now pre-order kits for this shawl here!). i've had a break of about a week & am dying to spend some time on it again, so hopefully substantial progress will be made!

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