Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i don't knit for babies

i know a few folk who are all about the baby knits, but they're just not for me. partly, it's because i'm a complete misanthrope. i'm not a big fan of people - it's probably the effect of my autistic brain, but i find them unpredictable & alarming. & small people, even more so - not to mention the various leakages that small babies are prone to (& seriously, do you really want that on your handknits?). also, i'm a fairly selfish knitter - i'll admit it freely. ok, so i sometimes knit things for the RSA; but mainly, i knit for me.
that's why this was such a surprise:

saartje's booties

they're the garter stitch baby booties from saartje knits, a free pattern that you can find here or via ravelry. & really, are these not just the cutest things you've ever seen in your life??? i used up some leftover "lucia" sock yarn from posh yarn (a merino/cashmere blend) in colourways "deep end" & "rainforest". & i even know a knitty baby who will wear them...
but most of the time, i've been working steadily away on the bee field shawl, & have made it most of the way through "the swarm":


anne is a genius. the pattern is fabulous, although this section is fairly taxing - it's patterned on every row so there's no "rest" rows at all (which possibly explains the garter-stitch-bootie knitting break - i needed something i didn't have to think about!). next up is the last section of "bee in field", which has an amazing-looking pattern effect involving dropped & picked up yarnovers to create a big bee. i'm not explaining it very well, but it looks great in the finished shawl & i can't wait to try it!


Margaret said...

Came over from knitspot to see your Bee, and it's really coming along! How do you like knitting lace with the wool/silk singles?

Victoria said...

Hi, those are so cute!
I am on the pre-order list for the bee shawl, I think I will save it for the autumn when I will be indoors in the evening more. It looks like yours is coming along really well. And I got my Ravellry invite! x

Anonymous said...

I love the baby booties! Must make some.

Kathleen said...

Those booties are mouth wateringly cute.
Good luck with your bees, sounds quite a taxing knit. x K