Thursday, July 19, 2007

admitting defeat

i've been working pretty steadily on the bee shawl for the past couple of weeks. partly, that's because it's an amazing knit - the pattern is extremely challenging & well written, the needles are fantastic, and the yarn is luscious, so it's an utter pleasure to spend time with. but partly, i've been working hard on it because i really wanted to have it finished in time to wear for my birthday...

...which is tomorrow.

considering that i'm now at the stage of the shawl where a) every row is patterned (no "rest" rows on the purl side!), b) there are about 350 stitches in a row, and the more i knit, the longer the rows get (average time per row at the moment? 20 minutes), and c) i still have at least 60-odd rows to knit, it's fair to say that i won't get it finished in time.
and now that i've finally given up trying, oh, what a relief!! not that the shawl isn't amazing to knit, because it is. but the silly, self-imposed deadline was starting to stress me out. so today, instead of another shawl-knitting marathon, i've managed to clean & hoover (in anticipation for my mum's arrival this evening), do a couple of loads of laundry, read the paper & some of my current library book, henna my hair, and spend most of the afternoon watching the fourth "harry potter" dvd while eating sweets & finishing this:


the first front piece of the "sunrise circle jacket" in rowanspun dk (colourway "goblin"), with a contrasting hem of rowan felted tweed (colourway "watery"), with both yarns held double throughout. the hems will be folded under when the jacket is finished, so they won't be as visible as they are in the progress picture! the construction of this jacket is genius - you knit the arm up to the armpit, and then simultaneously decrease for the raglan and increase for the semi-circular front. & a detail shot:

sunrise detail

it's a great effect, & i'm having fun knitting it. it should be a very cosy finished project, as the doubled yarn is giving me a thick & sturdy fabric. & the plain stockinette with the occasional increase/decrease is a nice break from the complicated lace i've been doing for the past wee while. & i'll definitely finish the shawl next week...


anne said...

oh lilith, i'm glad you have decided not to stress about it! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you have a lot of fun and that everyone treats you like a queen for the day.

roro said...

Yes, yes - don't be stressed on your birthday! Hope your mum and the RSA spoil you rotten.

That sweater - awesome. Love the colours.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Knitting aint no fum with a deadline.
Hope your birthday has begun well - looking forward to seeing you tonight.
I've just started knitting Shetland Triangle in the cashmere that you gave me - it's sooooo soft, a dream to knit with.


Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday! Many Happy Returns, Kathleen x

Anna said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you're having a great day, with lots of fun knitting.