Friday, June 22, 2007


dear blog,
you may have been wondering where i've been lately. i know it's been an awfully long time, and i have no good explanation. i do have something important to tell you; you may be shocked & upset to hear it but there's no good way to do this except to say it straight out.

there's someone else.


yes, it's true - i got my ravelry invitation last week, and i'm completely smitten. for the past several days, ravelry & i have been wantonly (for there is no other word for it) uploading pictures, cataloguing my yarn stash, keeping track of my needles, patterns, & books, listing my projects & finished knits, and browsing together through her many & vast databases.
i'm sorry if this is hurtful, but please don't take it personally. you should have known from my knitting habits that i'm not the kind of girl who can be tied down - i can't limit myself to one project, or pattern style, or type of yarn, so why would you expect that i could limit myself to one website?
don't get me wrong, dear blog, i love you & i always will. but ravelry has features that you don't, & can fulfill aspects of my knitting life that you just can't. while my involvement with other websites may have been mere flirtations that you knew would never last, i must admit that my feelings for ravelry run deep, & i know that this is the start of something big.
& so i wonder, dear blog....

... how do you feel about an open relationship?


Anonymous said...

Part of me is dreading the thought of another social networking site to gobble up my time and another part of me is really intriged... I've seen a few bloggers mention it so far and all reviews have been good so far... do you know when it's going live?

Anonymous said...

Ravelry is a time sucker, that's for sure! I haven't had much time to do too much with it, but so far I am loving it!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

hmmph, not that I'm jealous or anything, sitting here drumming my fingers waiting for MY invite....

soCherry said...

Green with envy, also sitting waiting for MY invite ... *whiny voice* I wanna play!!

As a library-type this is exactly my cup of tea. Do you have to load your own stash photos, or is there a bank of photos for the more popular yarns [am i thinking about this too much?]

Elaine xx

Midsummer night's knitter said...

...Elaine, I think you need to get out more ;0)

thomasina said...

Hee! Can't wait for my invite.